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Photo of Masked Core Vocabulary Board

Teaching Core Words: 3 Essential Ingredients for AAC Success

I’m a big fan of teaching core words using a Core Vocabulary approach. I use core vocabulary with my preschool students who have limited language or who require AAC to communicate. In my mind, there are THREE essential ingredients for students to be successful using core vocabulary. All three, in my experience, need to be used

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Cover image of blog post: 3 great ways to provide push-in speech therapy efficiently.

5. Three Great Ways to Provide Push-in Speech Therapy Efficiently

How to Provide Push-in Speech Therapy Efficiently PUSH-IN SPEECH THERAPY is my favorite way to provide speech/language services to preschool students. However, time flies and it can be difficult to serve every student before your time is up! Here are the 3 excellent ways to use your time more efficiently while providing Push-in Speech Therapy. By

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Individualizing IEP Goals with image of text with "goals" highlighted.

4. Easy Ways to Customize Speech Therapy Goals

What does it mean to individualize speech therapy goals on an IEP? Can the same goal be used for more than one student? Today, I look at ways to personalize long-term IEP goals to make them truly “individualized,” but at the same time, appropriate for more than one student.

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Student in wheelchair with speech therapist by his side.

2. PECS or Core Vocabulary? A Low Tech AAC Dilemma

Part One This is Part One of my series on Low Tech Options for AAC. Today, I’ll take a look at the pros and cons of PECS.  I’ll review Core Vocabulary in my next post. PECS: Picture Exchange Communication System The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is a functional communication system. Andy Body, Ph.D., and Lori

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