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Push-in Speech Therapy

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Become an Expert in Push-in Speech Therapy

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Become an Expert in Push-in Speech Therapy

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Teacher on floor reading book to preschoolers


The Importance of Collaboration

Keeping IEPs Simple 

It’s All About the Groups, ’bout the Groups

    A Few Changes to IEP Goals Make All the Difference

Circle Time Makes the World Go ‘Round


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Picture of animated digital articulation activity: winter scene with bears and penguins.

Have fun with your students as they happily practice IEP goals with these engaging activities. They’ll never notice they’re working!

Picture of a push-in speech therapist on the floor with preschool students

Go from being stressed about Push-in Therapy to providing it with confidence.You’ll get all the tools you need to be successful!

Picture of Core Vocabulary Board displayed on a laptop

Successfully incorporate AAC Core Vocabulary into the classroom so your nonverbal and limited verbal students will start communicating.

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Hey there!

I help preschool SLPs like you become pros at Push-in Therapy without pulling your hair out and getting an ulcer!

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’ve never done Push-in Therapy.
  • You’re interested, but you’re lost and confused on how to get started.
  • You’re currently providing Push-in Therapy but you’re in the mood for something new.

That’s why I created this FREE resource,  5 Easy Ways to Optimize Push-in Speech Therapy. You’ll become comfortable and confident when providing services in the classroom.

You CAN become completely comfortable providing speech/language services in a preschool classroom.

It all starts with having a mentor to walk you through the steps.

Imagine if you could…

  • Serve more students in less time.
  • See IEP goals accomplished in a classroom setting.
  • Look forward to  providing Push-in Therapy.

I can help you get started!

It's time to
stop the stress.

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I’ve Got Your Back

If you’re ready to stop struggling with planning and delivering classroom therapy and finally feel confident about your services, this is what you need.

Inside this Free resource, 5 Easy Ways to Optimize Push-in Speech Therapy, you’ll get tips and tricks on how to provide speech therapy in a classroom setting and learn how to manage IEP goals. It’s all broken down into simple and straightforward steps. Don’t wait another minute. 


Seriously, You’ll Be a Pro in No Time


From The Blog

Here's what my co-teachers say about me:

Photo of Masked Core Vocabulary Board

Teaching Core Words: 3 Essential Ingredients for AAC Success

I’m a big fan of teaching core words using a Core Vocabulary approach. I use core vocabulary with my preschool students who have limited language or who require AAC to communicate. In my mind, there are THREE essential ingredients for students to be successful using core vocabulary. All three, in my experience, need to be used when teaching core words.

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Cover image of blog post: 3 great ways to provide push-in speech therapy efficiently.

5. Three Great Ways to Provide Push-in Speech Therapy Efficiently

How to Provide Push-in Speech Therapy Efficiently PUSH-IN SPEECH THERAPY is my favorite way to provide speech/language services to preschool students. However, time flies and it can be difficult to serve every student before your time is up! Here are the 3 excellent ways to use your time more efficiently while providing Push-in Speech Therapy. By incorporating these three ideas,

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Individualizing IEP Goals with image of text with "goals" highlighted.

4. Easy Ways to Customize Speech Therapy Goals

What does it mean to individualize speech therapy goals on an IEP? Can the same goal be used for more than one student? Today, I look at ways to personalize long-term IEP goals to make them truly “individualized,” but at the same time, appropriate for more than one student.

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Student in wheelchair with speech therapist by his side.

2. PECS or Core Vocabulary? A Low Tech AAC Dilemma

Part One This is Part One of my series on Low Tech Options for AAC. Today, I’ll take a look at the pros and cons of PECS.  I’ll review Core Vocabulary in my next post. PECS: Picture Exchange Communication System The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is a functional communication system. Andy Body, Ph.D., and Lori Frost, M.S., CCC-SLP initially

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“I collaborated with Merrie for many years in a [self-contained] classroom full of children with varied abilities. Merrie’s creative approach using props and materials always kept the children interested and motivated to learn. Teachers and assistants learned while watching Merrie do her thing! Merrie was a wealth of information and inspiration!” Robin R. Preschool Special Education Teacher


“I had the great fortune to work with Merrie Smithson for over 18 years. I taught preschoolers with disabilities and Merrie was our [Push-in] Speech Therapist. She and I planned together to ensure speech goals and techniques were integral to everything we did. Merrie was constantly bringing new ideas to her therapy, based on her in-depth knowledge of current research in her field. She was innovative in creating activities, materials, and opportunities that engaged the students in playful practice and repetition. With an emphasis on early literacy, books formed the backbone of the curriculum. Merrie got the students involved by acting out stories, singing, [moving], and using all their senses to be fully engaged in her lessons. It was a very successful cooperative teaching approach!” Kathy M. Preschool Special Education Teacher

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Teacher on floor reading book to preschoolers